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matplotlib.rc customizations for fonts

I’ve long struggled with modifying the fonts for matplotlib plots from the default “Bitstream Vera Sans” until I found this post recently. The steps outlined there worked quite well for changing the general font used for the plots, but escaped … Continue reading

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Homebrew python: default interactive plotting with Matplotlib

One thing I noticed with my homebrew installation of matplotlib was that the interactive plotting was disabled by default. Turning it on was a simple matter of finding and editing the matplotlibrc file: I set the following lines: # backend … Continue reading

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Switch from MacPorts to HomeBrew

Homebrew appears to be a nice replacement for MacPorts for installing unix applications not provided by Apple. It puts installed libraries in their own folders in /usr/local/Cellar/ and then sym-links the executables to /usr/local/bin/. It also appears to provide a … Continue reading

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Install PyMC on OSX, Python2.7

I came across a number of compile problems when trying to install PyMC with the latest STSCI_PYTHON and Python2.7. The main problem appears to stem from the version of gfortran that the install scripts found in /sw/bin, perhaps shipped with … Continue reading

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Read tables with ATpy

See this post at AstroBetter.

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Install python-sao

Python-sao is an interface for communicating with DS9 via Python. Installing with STSCI_PYTHON is done as follows: This is the error you get if you don’t set CC=gcc-4.0:

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Install Python Shapely

Shapely is a Python package developed for GIS and geosciences that contains geometric utilities that could be useful for astronomy. Requires libgeos_c , which is available from MacPorts as geos, though it needs to be compiled by hand with gcc-4.0 … Continue reading

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