Install standalone aXe v2.1 “taxe21”

aXe is a software package developed by the ST-ECF for reducing slitless spectroscopic observations with HST. Version 2.1 is distributed as part of STSDAS 3.12, but I recently needed to install the stand-alone version, called “taxe21”.

The software requires CFITSIO, GSL, and WCSTools. The first two of these are available via MacPorts, but the MacPorts GSL wasn’t working for me and the taxe tools were choking with the following error:

dyld: Library not loaded: /opt/local/lib/libgsl.0.dylib
Referenced from: /iraf/extern/taxe/iraf/bin/aXe_GOL2AF
Reason: Incompatible library version: aXe_GOL2AF requires version 16.0.0 or later, but libgsl.0.dylib provides version 11.0.0

## Set up an install directory
cd /iraf/extern/
mkdir taxe
cd taxe

## Install CFITSIO
sudo port install cfitsio

## Install GSL
tar xzvf gsl-1.14.tar.gz
mkdir gsl 
cd gsl-1.14
./configure --prefix=/iraf/extern/taxe/gsl --disable-shared
make install

## Install WCSTools
cd ..
tar xzvf wcstools-3.8.1.tar.gz
cd wcstools-3.8.1

## Install taxe2.1
cd ../../
tar xzvf taxe21_taxesim14_src.tar.gz
cd ccc
./configure --with-cfitsio-prefix=/opt/local --with-gsl-prefix=/iraf/extern/taxe/gsl --disable-gsltest --build=i386-pc-macosx --with-wcstools-prefix=/iraf/extern/taxe/wcstools-3.8.1/
make install
cd ../iraf
sudo python

######    DONE !  ######

To be able to load taxe21 in PyRAF, add the following lines to ~/iraf/

reset taxe21 = /iraf/extern/taxe/iraf/
task taxe21.pkg = taxe21$
reset helpdb = (envget("helpdb") // ",taxe21$lib/helpdb.mip")

reset taxesim14 = /iraf/extern/taxe/iraf/
task taxesim14.pkg = taxesim14$
reset helpdb = (envget("helpdb") // ",taxesim14$lib/helpdb.mip")

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One Response to Install standalone aXe v2.1 “taxe21”

  1. Iva says:

    The taxe2.1 download from STScI seems to be corrupted.

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